Single family homes $350 up to 2300 square feet, $400 from 2300 to 2800 square feet. Call for estimates over 2800 square feet. Detached standard sized garages included (up to 800 square feet). Pole storage buildings up to 2000 square feet, $75 extra. Other out buildings based on size and mechanical extras, call for estimates. Be sure to check the products page for a link to certified foundation inspections for mobile or stick built homes this does include tie down.


Town Homes/condo $300. up to 1800 square feet. Larger units come under single family home pricing.

The report fee may be split between a buyer and a seller; for an additional $50, two separate reports will be provided.

Payment is required at the time of the physical inspection, cash or Check excepted. A report will be promptly e-mailed .

Inspection appointment times are set from 8AM to 6PM.